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through data-driven digital advertising

Beyond paid media

We are focused on how we can have a meaningful and substantial impact on a clients business, driving profitability, through paid digital advertising.

Acquire Awards 2022

The 2022 Drum Digital Advertising Awards APAC

Best Use Of Tech In DOOH

Most Effective Use of Performance
Most Effective Contextual Ad Targeting Campaign

Campaign Programmatic Agency of the Year 2022, Australia and New Zealand

Australia/New Zealand Programmatic Agency of the Year

Acquire Video Series

This short series of videos are a primer to understanding the leading edge of digital marketing in 2022/23.

Challenge your digital spend

Rapid change, intense competition, continual pressure to achieve within tight budgets and time constraints – keeping up in the digital advertising sphere is nothing if not challenging.

Do you have a deep understanding of your digital advertising?


Are you getting quality traffic, leads and sales optimisation?


Too much, not enough or, just right?

Advanced Targeting

Are you spending in the right areas to achieve your goals?

(return on ad spend)

Could it be better?

Data Leverage

Are you using data to refine your advertising?

Our comprehensive digital toolkit

Delivering tangible change in just three months.

Fine-tune your digital advertising – from goal setting; strategy and planning; precision targeting of your audience; and cross-channel media buying.

Results in real-time

Gain clarity around your spending with real-time, interactive dashboards.

Keep costs under control

Supercharge your performance without increasing your ad spend.

Don’t let good data go to waste

Use your data to drive decisions, from media choices to target audiences and messaging.

Understanding your needs is the first step

Digital can be hard to get your head around. The tech is always changing, the rules are evolving, and trends keep you on your toes.

Here’s what your concerns might look like:

  • Evolving data privacy laws and the demise of cookies.
  • Seeking powerful options beyond Google advertising.
  • Actionable insights with clear, accurate reporting.
  • Is your current ad partner keeping up with the latest ad tech –
    and is it working for you?
  • In-house versus outsourcing – if you’ve unbundled your ad delivery, who is managing key elements?

You’re probably looking for clarity above all else. Without insight into your ROAS and a clear path forward, it’s difficult to justify your ad spend.

Looking for a new paid media model and support from a specialist partner? That’s where Acquire comes in.

Getting every detail right

The right message, the right target, the right time, the right place – and the right cost. That’s our mission, boiled down to the basics.

Combine our experience, cutting-edge skills and specialist proprietary tools with your business data.


Results for your digital ad spend.

Use of data.


New customers.


The cost of getting it wrong

In a hyper-competitive market, a misaligned digital strategy isn’t just a waste of money – it’s a waste of potential. Missing the mark can mean lost customers, reduced budgets, and damage to your brand.

We support companies just like yours

Analysis, activation, acceleration

Your guide to working with the Acquire team.


Your free audit and benchmarking session.

Performance demo

In a four-week trial, you’ll see our strategy, planning and optimisation in action – with a consistent 10-20% improvement.

Data activation

We leverage first-party data and our machine-learning algorithm to boost performance even further.

Accelerate growth

Move to a Cost per Acquisition (CPA) model to supercharge growth.

Ready to get started?

Is Your Digital Advertising As Good As It Could Be?

Digital Advertising can be complex, ever-changing, labour-intensive and crucial for business growth, digital advertising isn’t something you can tick off your to-do list easily.

Even if you’re working with a digital agency this eBook will

  • Show you how essential it is to keep tabs on its work and performance
  • Help you get more insight into your ad performance
  • Provide definitions, checklists, questions to ask your agency to maximise your return on digital ad spend
  • A 10-step mini audit to help review your digital advertising performance