App Install Specifications

DBM Universal App Install

  • Image: 1200x627; Colour Scheme RGB only; No more than 20% text

  • Advertiser Name: 25 Characters or less

  • Logo: 100x100 JPG or PNG; 1200KB or less; Colour Scheme RGB only

  • Square Image: 627x627; Colour Scheme RGB only

  • Headline: 25 characters or less

  • Long Headline: 50 characters or less

  • Body: 90 characters or less

  • Long Body Text: 150 characters or less

  • CTA: 15 characters or less

Mobile App Install

Quickly make a mobile display creative from your Android or iOS app store assets using the app install creative template. The template makes up to three creatives: a 320x50 banner, an interstitial, and an interstitial with video.

  • Creative template inclusions:

    • App icon – App store

    • App name – App store

    • App screenshots – App store

    • YouTube video (optional) – provided by you

    • Custom headline – provided by you

    • Custom description – provided by you

    • Call to action to install your app – built-in

  • When you use the app install template and provide a YouTube video, you'll create three separate creatives, each of a different type.

  • App install template creatives:

    320x50 banner
    name ends in:
    "_Android_320x50" or "_iOS_320x50"

    320x50 banner

    name ends in:
    "_Android_Interstitial" or "_iOS_Interstitial"


    Interstitial with video
    name ends in:
    "_Android_Interstitial_Video" or "_iOS_Interstitial_video"

  • Additionals:

    • Headline: 45 characters

    • Description: 45 characters

    • All images are extracted from the app store

    • Alternatively, we can upload ads – see below

  • Technical requirements:

    • Animation duration: Ads can only animate for 30 seconds or less

    • Autoplay: Ads that autoplay audio are prohibited. (Ads that autoplay video are OK, as long as the audio is muted.)

    • Pop ups: Ads that spawn popups or surveys are prohibited.

    • File types: PNG, JPG, GIF, or HTML5.

    • Size: Creatives must be 150 KB or less on their initial load. Additional load must be "polite" and can't exceed 2.2 MB.

    • Technology: Make sure that “Requires MRAID” is selected in the technology type of your creative on its individual details page if the creative is built specifically for mobile devices (requires tapping, swiping, or other mobile-specific interactions). Bid Manager supports all MRAID creative types, including MRAID 3D Cube rich media creatives.