Youtube Tech Specifications

In Stream

  • Video needs to be hosted on YouTube channel, set as Public or unlisted

  • Video link: YouTube video link

  • Skippable and non-skippable options available

  • Landing page URL: with UTM if required

  • Minimum video length: 12 Sec (skippable ads)

  • Maximum Video Length: 3 minutes (skippable ads) OR 20/30 Sec (non-Skippable ads)

Companion Banner

  • Video: Needs a TrueView strategy running

  • Image: 300x60 150KB

  • Image format: JPG (JPEG), GIF, PNG or HTML5

  • Max animation time : 30 seconds (all animation, including loops, must stop at 30 seconds)

  • Landing page URL: With UTM if required

Bumper ad

  • YouTube has added a short-form video ad option to its line-up. Called Bumper ads, the six-second videos are available.

  • Video needs to be hosted on YouTube channel, set as Public or unlisted

  • Minimum Video Length: 6 Sec (Non-Skippable Ads)


Direct Video Loads

Specifications for videos being loaded directly into your video manager in order to send through a YouTube link to run your ad.

  • File format: YouTube prefers the original, 1080p HD broadcast format that you have in your digital content library, as well as DVD-compliant MPEG-2 program streams saved with a .MPG extension. If you cannot submit videos in MPEG-2 format, then MPEG-4 is the preferred format. The following specifications provide optimal playback of MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 videos:

    • MPEG-2:

      • Audio codec: MPEG Layer II or Dolby AC-3

      • Audio bitrate: 128 kbps or better

  • MPEG-4:

    • Video codec: H.264

    • Audio codec: AAC

    • Audio bitrate: 128 kbps or better

  • Frame rate: content should be encoded and uploaded in the same frame rate it was recorded.

  • Recommended resolution & aspect ratios: to fit the player perfectly, encode at these resolutions:

    • 2160p: 3840x2160

    • 1440p: 2560x1440

    • 1080p: 1920x1080

    • 720p: 1280x720

    • 480p: 854x480

    • 360p: 640x360

    • 240p: 426x240

  • If you upload a file that isn't 16:9, it will display pillar boxed (black bars on each side of the video) or letter boxed (black bars at the top and bottom).

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