White Papers

Custom Programmatic is the future

Harness the full power of programmatic when every aspect is customised to a brand’s overarching goals.

B2B2 – Taking B2B Marketing to New Levels

Find out how programmatic can take your B2B marketing to the next level.

Jumping into Programmatic

Discover where to start and how it can grow your business.

Connected TV

Find out how to reach the lost mainstream TV audience and access our new TARP calculator.

Clean, Green Programmatic NZ

Programmatic is widely accepted as the future of ad trading. So how ‘Clean, Green is NZ Programmatic’?

Beyond the Banner:

5 of the best new programmatic tools available now to better target customers and increase advertising ROI. Download Acquire's latest white paper now.

Online Sync & Activation:

Drive your online campaign performance through syncing with TV ads, Keyword Sync, and/or Weather Sync.

Transparency and Walled Gardens:

It’s only fitting in an election year, that a word usually reserved for political debate has become the key talking point in advertising. So how far, exactly are we from ensuring ‘TRANSPARENCY’ in digital media?


Online marketing is a complicated team sport, figure out who your most valuable players are.

Going Native:

With the overflow of content available these days, how do you capture your buyer’s attention?

Programmatic 101

Programmatic advertising is lifting off in NZ reaching over $8 million in Q2. What is and how does it connect you with your buyers?

The Right Creative

The right creative matched with the Right target can significantly increase your campaigns ROI.