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Meet Aladdin
Our custom platform for magical decision making.

Living in a dynamic environment means a need to constantly monitor, measure and adapt your marketing to suit the way your customers are interacting with it. Aladdin is a proprietary end-to-end marketing intelligence tool that automates business analysis to constantly monitor your marketing performance.

Instead of analysing your marketing success after the fact, Aladdin provides regular Cascading Analysis, quarterly, monthly or whenever your business needs it.

With Aladdin, you're not constrained by the limitations of an off-the-shelf platform. The system uses marketing mix modelling to compare different scenarios and outcomes, unlocking hidden marketing value. Advanced machine learning allows the system to consider a constantly changing dynamic environment and deliver better results and actionable insights for paid media.

Performance Marketing

  • Digital media strategy, audience analysis and cross channel planning
  • Tagging and full funnel attribution
  • Creative Studio and engagement
  • Paid Search & SEO
  • Paid Social
  • Native and Content
  • Programmatic display, video, audio, search, social, remarketing, CTV and DOOH
  • eCommerce
  • Advance targeting tools
  • Publisher Direct media buys and PMP deals
  • Instream video and TV On-demand
  • Custom dashboards and data visualisation
  • Data-Driven Analytics and Insights

Emerging programmatic

Programmatic digital billboards (pDOOH) and Connected TV (CTV) are already revolutionising the world of digital advertising. Combine big screen with precision to reach audiences at the right time, right place, right message, and the right cost - across multiple channels.

Creative Personalisation

Data helps us reach your audience, creative helps us change their minds. With personalised creative messaging we can deliver more impactful advertising that resonates with your audience more deeply, influences their decision making and leads to better customer conversion.

Rich media, Dynamic Creative (DCO), Interactive/Expanding video and display; is the beginning of a creative revolution driven by data.

Custom Dashboarding and Data Visualisation

Aladdin, our proprietary machine learning platform, merges your MARTECH and ADTECH data into one clear visualisation and reporting tool to deliver powerful insights that you can react to in real time.

With a real time view of what's working and what's not, you can act decisively and effectively. Our media campaign 'Score Card' gives you greater transparency and an ongoing benchmark for your campaign spend.

Your innovation partners

With Acquire as your innovation partners, you can source and test new technology, master programmatic media buying, vet data partners and deploy capability in-house. We make it easy to keep you and your business ahead of the curve so you can be among the first to reap the rewards.

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